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Architectual bodies

The spaces we live in.

What is the link between us and what we have around?

The places we live in. Where we dream, we fight, we run, we love. Living interconnected, sharing experiences, feelings, thoughts and spaces. Near or far this does not matter.

It is the connection that we establish with surfaces and textures which shape our memories.

For the first issue of The Posther we wanted to start from this idea

The Posther Editor Letter - Architectual bodies

Architecture represents the aesthetic definition of time and how people construe their surroundings by instrument. A link which connects them to the rest of the world leaving visible traces of what can be defined as a result of human constructive expressionism.

The Posther is an architecture. It looks at the past and showcases operas build throughout the ages, forming the facade of cities. It communicates through a prime media form that summarizes our time: the video. Architectures can reveal or hide; secrets, past lives, virtual affairs

The Posther Editor Letter - Architectual bodies

We asked nine artists from both Europe and America to express themselves through the art of moving image and illustrate their point of view. The relationship between architectural bodies and human bodies

Some of them expressed themselves through a ritual song, others by murder, some with a hug, some with flowers and insects and others unveiled skins. The variety of the results will lead the eye to freedom.

It is up to you to chose your own favorite interpretation